Solutions for Reactive Dogs

3/19/2017 @ 10:00 AM at Rindge Recreation Department with Amy Willey & Denise Mazzola | Map
Please Note: This seminar is for people. Please kindly leave your dog at home.

Dogs who growl, bark, scream, lunge, spin and/or flail around at the end of the leash when they see another dog or a person can present enormous challenges to their family. After all, didn't you get a dog because you wanted to go places together, as well as enjoy long walks and hikes? What should be one of your most enjoyable times of the day, adventures with your best friend, become full of frustration and worry when you are constantly wondering if a person or dog is going to appear out of nowhere and send your dog into a frenzied fit.

Here at Everything Dog, we fully understand the emotions that come with living with a reactive dog. We have helped dozens of Reactive Dog clients through Private Lessons and Classes, and have worked our own Reactive Dog, Jubilee, through our protocol so that we can now enjoy our time out and about on the town, on trails and on the beach with her. Prior to working with Jubilee, her behavior around dogs was completely out of control and to be honest, it was embarrassing. Now, she is a joy to walk and we actually go places where we know there will be dogs so she can keep her skills polished.

In this seminar we will discuss the underlying issues beneath reactivity, the importance of management while working the protocol, Classical Conditioning and Operant Conditioning as they apply to reactivity, trigger stacking, stress and cortisol, and the steps of the protocol that we use with clients to help them achieve the best results possible. Attending this seminar will give you management tools as well as steps to follow to start changing your dog's behavior.

If your dog has actually bitten/attacked another dog or person and done damage (i.e. broken skin, caused bruising, required medical care/stitches), please take a look at the Aggression in Dogs seminar to decide which seminar will be of most benefit to you. You may also contact Amy at 603-499-6208 if you are unsure which seminar to attend.

The seminar will run from 10:00 a.m - 11:30 a.m. at the Rindge Recreation Department located at 283 Wellington Road, Rindge, NH. The seminar is free and a $10 donation to benefit the Monadnock Humane Society is encouraged. Coffee will be provided. Please use the Sign-Up button on this page to RSVP for the event as space is limited.
Attendee - $0.00
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