The Real Deal on Service Dogs

6/4/2017 @ 10:00 AM at Rindge Recreation Department with Denise Mazzola & Amy Willey | Map
The number of Service Dogs in our community and beyond is increasing. We see them in schools, workplaces, stores, airplanes, buses & trains. As the number of Service Dogs grows so do questions about these specially trained animals;

- How does a Service Dog get "certified"?
- Can people train their own pet to be a Service Dog?
- Where are Service Dogs legally allowed to go?
- Do restaurants have to allow them?
- Can you legally ask a person questions about their Service Dog?
- Is a Service Dog the same as a Therapy Dog?

This seminar is designed to educate the public, store owners and employees, and anyone interested in finding out more about Service Dogs and the legal issues that pertain to this topic.
Attendee - $0.00
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