PetTech First Aid & CPR Course

10/8/2017 @ 9:00 AM at Rindge Recreation Department with Amy Willey | Map
Please note that the PetTech First Aid & CPR course is for people only, kindly leave your dog at home. Snacks, coffee & water will be provided, please plan to bring a lunch for our 30 minute lunch break.

Come join us for this comprehensive and interactive Pet First Aid & CPR program! All participants will receive a detailed Pet First Aid & CPR book and a 2-year certification.

Information covered in this course includes:
- Safe Handling of Injured Pets
- Restraining & Muzzling
- Rescue Breathing
- Injured Pet Assessment
- Fractures
- Controlling Bleeding
- Seizures
- Choking Management
- Poisoning
- Insect Stings/Allergic Reactions
- Burns
- Heat/Cold Injuries


This course will prepare you to deal with a wide variety of situations and emergencies that your pet may encounter during his/her life.
Participant - $100.00
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